Michael Wellman


In 2008 I published my first book, Far From the Trees. There was a nice turnout for a release event at a local independent bookstore and I was encouraged to keep stuffing messages into bottles and plunking them into the shifting currents of the swollen and still swelling river of publishing. I was naively confident that whatever I had to say would find its way to whomever might be interested.

It wasn't long after that triumphant but misleading coming out party that I was told, in so many words, "Congratulations on your book. Writing is the easy, 10% part. The rest is marketing." I was disconcerted to hear that. For one thing, the writing part doesn't strike me as easy. For another, though I bemoan the growing imbalance between style and substance in our popular culture, I wouldn't peg the ratio at 9:1.

Without suggesting that I fancy myself substantial, I am certainly not stylish. And the only success I've ever enjoyed marketing anything was beer, which I sold lots of during many years as a publican and let's face it, the market for that will always far exceed the one for my bottlings, no matter the thirst for them I ever manage to create.

Websites are as necessary now as business cards. And so, finally, here's mine.

Check out the links to my published works. If you're curious, there's more about who I am and where I'm from, too.

Thanks for being here.