Michael Wellman


In 2008 I published my first book, Far From the Trees. There was a nice turnout for a release event at a local independent bookstore and I was encouraged to keep stuffing messages into bottles and plunking them into the shifting currents of the swollen and still swelling river of publishing. I was naively confident that whatever I had to say would find its way to whomever it concerned.

It wasn't long after that triumphant but misleading coming out party that I was told, in so many words, "Congratulations on your book. Writing is the easy, 10% part. The rest is marketing." I was disconcerted to hear that. For one thing, the writing part doesn't strike me as easy. For another, though I bemoan the growing imbalance between style and substance in our popular culture, I wouldn't peg the ratio at 9:1.

Without suggesting that I fancy myself substantial, I am certainly not stylish. And the only success I've ever enjoyed marketing anything was beer, which I sold lots of during many years as a publican and let's face it, the market for that will always far exceed the one for my bottlings, no matter the thirst for them I ever manage to create.

Websites are as necessary now as business cards. And so, finally, here's mine.

You'll find links to my published works and also one to the blog/gym where I try to exercise regularly and trim fat. If you're curious, there's more about who I am and where I'm from, too.

I need all sorts of help. Buy books, yes, but please also contact me with feedback, suggestions and criticism of any sort. Your attention will be appreciated and repaid.